Common Reasons Why Your Cat's Eyes Water

When tears come from your cat's eyes, it's usually a sign of a health problem. Excessive tearing is one of the things a veterinarian will look for in a mobile pet wellness exam. Your veterinarian may wish to perform further tests if they notice your cat's eyes are watering. Here are some reasons why your cat's eyes may produce tears and how your veterinarian can treat it.


Cats can have allergies to many of the same things humans do. They can be allergic to airborne allergens like dust or food allergens. Watery eyes combined with other reactions, like sneezing or nasal congestion, may indicate an allergy.


Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye in humans, can cause your cat's eyes to water. Conjunctivitis is an infection in the conjunctiva, the thin mucous layer underneath the eyelids. Most cats will have conjunctivitis at some time in their lives. Usually, mild cases go away on their own. However, more serious cases could need anti-viral eye drops.


Glaucoma is a disease that affects the inner eyeball pressure. The main cause is fluid buildup in the eye. You may not notice any signs of it in the early stages, except for more tearing. Eventually, if left untreated, your cat's eyes may appear to bulge or develop a cloudy cornea.


An injury or foreign object may cause your cat's eyes to tear. Your cat may paw or rub their eyes. They may attempt to keep one eye closed much of the time, or the eyelids could look swollen.

Blocked Tear Ducts

Blocked tear ducts don't allow normal fluid flow from your cat's eyes. Instead, the tears build up at their corners. The name for this condition is epiphora. Cats with sinus issues or abnormal eyelashes are especially prone to this condition.

Upper Respiratory Infections

Upper respiratory infections in cats have many causes, including viruses and bacterial infections. When your cat has an upper respiratory infection, their eyes may tear more. Other symptoms include sneezing, nasal discharge, coughing, lack of appetite, and lethargy.

If the mobile pet veterinarian suspects a health or eye problem, they may wish to do further testing. The key to treating excessive tear production is knowing the cause. Once the veterinarian determines the cause, they may prescribe medications or procedures to reduce or eliminate the problem. Treatments may include eye drops, pills, or even surgery.

If your cat has a health problem or needs a wellness exam, consider asking your vet about mobile pet wellness exams

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