Top Features To Look For In High-Quality Veterinary Patient Monitors

From surgical procedures to basic health monitoring, keeping tabs on the vitals of the animal patients that come to your veterinarian clinic for help is a vital part of everyday care. For this reason, choosing the best patient monitors is a highly important task that you have. These basic pieces of equipment monitor things like blood pressure and heart rate, but they deserve fair attention when you are choosing the right models because the differences between the basic models and the best can be so huge. Take a look at some of the features you should be looking for in veterinary patient monitors for your animal clinic. 

Integrated Storage - When you monitor patients for long periods of time, it is helpful if you can go back through the monitoring logs to check their prior stats right from the monitoring interface. Make sure you look for a patient monitor that has integrated, on-board storage for some data housing so you don't have to be concerned with losing vital information due to lack of memory space or lack of available computers to keep connected to the monitor itself. 

Wireless Connectivity Abilities - Things in veterinarian care have changed a lot due to technology, and the ability to wirelessly monitor your patients is one of those great changes. Many of the most advanced patient monitors actually now have Bluetooth or wi-fi capabilities, so you can simply hook up a patient in one room to heart or blood pressure monitors and the devices transmit signals wirelessly to your patient monitoring equipment. 

Multi-Patient Interface - It is not at all uncommon to have multiple patients to be monitored in your facility at once. Having a monitor for each animal patient is not always a possibility, either because of lack of space available or lack of equipment. When investing in a new patient monitor, look for a model that gives you the option of monitoring multiple patients on the one monitor. This may be done with screens that you switch between or multiples reading displays on the same screen. Either way, it is highly convenient to have access to all patient vitals right from one system. 

It can be said that the quality of the medical care you provide in your veterinary facility is only as good as the equipment you have available. For help with finding the best veterinary patient monitor and other equipment, contact a veterinary supply store for more information. 

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