Think Your Pet Cat Is Pregnant? What Every Cat Owner Needs To Do

If you heard your cat making strange noises in the night, or they have been out of the house on many occasions, and now they are starting to gain weight, the cat may be pregnant. If you know the cat isn't spaded, and it's possible that a male cat has found them or that the cat has been in heat attracting other cats, you want to take your pet to the vet. Here are some the things that you want to talk about with the veterinarian.

Prenatal Diagnosis and Care

The veterinarian will feel the feline's stomach, and may want to do an ultrasound on the cat to see if there are kittens inside their stomach. The prenatal diagnoses and confirmation should be followed up with some prenatal vitamin recommendations, and directions with the changed diet and other restrictions or information that you need to take care of the cat properly.

The Potential of Complications

The breed of cat, the size of the litter, the size of the cat, or the cat's health could cause complications for gestation and the birth. If you are worried about potential complications, or if the veterinarian has any concerns, discuss the plans and emergency care that the cat may need. Having a plan in place can be best for the birthing day.

A Tumor or Other Medical Conditions

If the cat isn't pregnant but there is a mass in the stomach, or somewhere on the body that is making the cat look much larger, the veterinarian may want to do a biopsy so they can find out what cells make up the mass. You want to find out right away to have it removed or treated if necessary.

Post Birth Spading

If you know that you don't want your cat to have kittens again, and that you don't want them to have any more accidental pregnancies, talk with the vet about getting the cat spaded. This way the cat can't get pregnant in the future, and you don't have to worry about letting them out.

Even if the cat's pregnancy is a surprise, you have to make sure that you take the time to get the cat looked at by a veterinarian, and that you monitor the pregnancy to make sure that everything is ok. There are a lot of ways that a pregnancy can be harmful for a cat, and extra care that they will need, so take the time to care for the cat properly. 

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