Aftercare For A Cat That Has Been Spayed Or Neutered

When you pick up your cat from a place like Caring Hands Animal Hospital after their spaying or neutering operation, you may be surprised at how calm and groggy they are. For a few weeks, they're going to need attention and care. Keep these post-operation suggestions in mind.

Keep Them Warm

In the hours after the operation, your cat could shiver from time to time. The anesthesia used could be the reason why, as it affects their body temperature. Do your best to set your cat up with a blanket, one of your t-shirts or cuddle them a bit to keep them warm.

There is another reason for shivering that you need to know about, however. They could be experiencing pain as the anesthesia wears off. It's critical to ensure you're giving the pain medicine the vet has recommended; if shivering continues well into the next day, call them for further guidance.

Don't Let Them Out

One of the reasons you might have scheduled the operation for your cat in the first place is that they go outdoors and you want to avoid pregnancy. However, in the days following their operation, they shouldn't return to their regular routine. It's important that they heal and don't tear open their incision wound. In addition, if your female cat had their surgery done during a period when they were "in heat", attracting males will still be a lingering affect and that will be an annoyance to deal with while recovering from surgery.

Be Especially Mindful of Other Pets and Children

Everyone might be interested in your cat after their surgery, but they may be uncomfortable and attempt to scratch or even bite even more than usual. Monitor small children and your other pets to keep them safe and to ensure your cat gets enough space.

Watch for Infection

Like any wound, your cat's incision area needs to be watched for bacterial infection. This is vital when looking after an animal, because they can't tell you if they're feeling worse than before. The area should never become dark red or feel hot when you touch it. Sometimes, if you see pink or clear liquid seeping from their wounds, you might worry. This is normal, though; worry should only set in when seepage is green, yellow or foul-smelling.

Your cat should return to their normal ways in a matter of weeks. If you're concerned or need questions answered, contact your vet right away.

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