Four Reasons To Consider Declawing

While declawing is not as popular as it once was and people are often met with criticism should they consider declawing, it actually is sometimes still a necessity for some cat owners. Here are four reasons you might still need to consider declawing:

  1. Your Furniture is Getting Ruined: Some cats are more excessive at clawing at furniture than others. While it helps to keep their nails trimmed and add some cat trees and scratchers in the home, it sometimes still doesn't deter cats. If your furniture is continually getting ruined, then you might consider declawing to prevent yourself from having to make the awful decision of rehoming your cat.
  2. You Don't Want Them to Run Away: If you want your cats to enjoy your fenced in yard without them getting out for fear of running away or coming face to face with a predator, such as a coyote, you might want to declaw. This is especially something important to consider if you have a doggy door that allows your cat access to the yard anyway. You don't want to have to fear that your beloved cat is going to face any kind of danger just by jumping your fence. 
  3. You Have Young Kids: Whether you are pregnant or have just had a baby, you don't want to have to worry about your cat clawing them. If your cat is aggressive, this is something to watch out for. Having to revoke in this situation can be avoidable if you have them declawed. This protects your kids, as well as ensures your cat stays in the comfort of your loving home. 
  4. There's a Medical Issue: Sometimes there is a medical issue in which your vet will recommend declawing, but this usually only affects a claw or two and doesn't have to be done to all of them. This can happen because of a deformity in the paw or because your cat had a claw ruined from becoming stuck in the carpet or on a piece of furniture. If it's recommended by your vet, there's usually a valid reason to follow through with it. 

These are just a few of the reasons declawing is something to be considered. Of course, talk with your vet about possible alternatives before following through with declawing since this is always best for your cat's psychological health. But if it comes down to it, declawing is better than having to rehome your cat.

Contact a vet office like Animal House Veterinary Hospital for more information and assistance. 

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